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President & CEO

Dr. Fred Dalili, President & CEO of Global Success is a multicultural, multilingual dynamic trainer with over 30 years of experience in Global Management and Leadership training. He also is an international lecturer who is familiar with over 30 cultures and has obtained 16 certificates in management,  leadership and organizational effectiveness.  Fred developed numerous customized training programs and presentations for Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Dalili has served on the Board of Directors of the United Nations Silicon Valley Chapter as well as other professional organizations. Fred has been a public speaker in the last twenty years. Since 2004 Fred has accepted the challenge of training UN professionals in Geneva.  He also has provided training for corporate leaders around the globe.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Dalili has earned an Ed.D. in Higher Educational Administration from the University of Akron in Ohio. His M.A. is in the same discipline and his B.A. is in Mass Communications and Public Relations. Currently, Dr. Dalili is serving as an Advisory Board Member of Bio Health College and is an instructor of MBA at International Technological University in Silicon Valley, California.  Fred has been invited to teach Ph. D. programs at Northwestern Polytechnic University.  

Developed and Taught MBA Courses:

Ě        High Performance Leaders

Ě        Quality Management

Ě        Win-Win Vendor Management

Training Certifications:

Certified Training Areas:
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Power of Understanding
  • Planning for Results
  • What Matters Most
  • First Thing First
  • Building Trust
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Managing Management Time
  • Team Development
  • Team Wise
  • 4 Roles of Leadership
  • Rethinking Stress
  • Writing Advantage
  • Presentation Advantage
  • Coaching
Developed Training Programs:
  • Team Building
  • Ultimate Communication
  • Productive Leaders
  • Culture Clash Prevention
  • Moral Improvement
  • Organizational Synergy
  • Stress Reduction
  • Coaching
  • Effective Project Management
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Effective Employee Relations
  • Managing Poor Performers
  • Multicultural Management
  • Win-Win Vendor Management
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Strategy for Change

[ Dr. Fred Dalili ]  [ Dr. Shree Nanguneri ]  [ Monica Emdadian ]  
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Vice President -"Six Sigma"

Dr. Shree Nanguneri


Dr. Shree Nanguneri is a Senior Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has delivered Lean, 6s, and management solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide.  He has delivered process excellence solutions using the tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC, DFSS-Design for Six Sigma), Berryman's Tools Crystal Ball Risk Simulation and Prediction, and change management leadership for key client needs over the last decade.

In his tenure with GE Advanced Materials, where he was introduced to Six Sigma, Shree undertook roles across the US, Europe, and South Asia continents focusing on materials characterization, commercialization, and new technologies.  His first 6s project success was in customer satisfaction which qualified for the "Noryl Americas Six Sigma" GE Advanced Materials internal award in 1998 leading to the business earning the coveted "Omni" award from Gillette as a preferred supplier.  This effort yielded a quality improvement from 3s to 9s with benefits > $1 M.  Shree has supported and delivered on DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) projects at GE for a direct top line benefit of $2 M.

With his global experience in delivering an Integrated Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma approach across continents in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and South Africa his belt trainees included operational, junior, middle and senior VP levels of management for both, degree, and non-degree holding individuals.  He has worked with Belts in areas of human resources, safety health, environment, community, finance, manufacturing, New Product Introduction, quality, technology, supply chain, IT, sales, marketing, and customer service with savings over $500 M to clients and employers over the last 12 years including training and developing around 500 successful belts.

After his recent activities in South America in the open cast Copper mining industry with > 100 Six Sigma Belts at different levels and a direct benefit of $70 M, he has just completed a team effort of engaging a deployment in process excellence within the underground/open cast for precious group metals mining in South Africa.  His latest activity in South Africa with the precious metals group has already delivered beyond expectations for the client to date resulting in a $30M  direct EBIT benefit.

In his 14 years of professional experience, Shree has applied several tools for process excellence, and now 6s tools, with the advent of Six Sigma.  Shree has a passion for developing effective materials for instruction, and project support for delivering results by simplifying the concepts to include user and learner friendly software.

Earlier on, Shree completed his graduate studies in Polymer Science, and started as a Rheologist with a PVC Manufacturer and in less than a year progressed to Product Development Laboratory Manager while reducing annual recurring expenses for the company by $40 K in relation to a UL testing application.

Shree holds a Ph. D. degree in Polymer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Masterĺs degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras and a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (formerly known as Regional Engineering College) Trichy.  He holds 4 US patents, to his credit and one pending design patent.  Two of his patents are commercialized to date.

Dr. Shree offers results-oriented workshops on ôApplied Six Sigmaö to manufacturing, service as well as IT professionals across countries in America, and Asia where they were received well.   In August 2005, Shree delivered a 3-day awareness workshop on Six Sigma for Neyveli Lignite Corporation a public sector in Tamil Nadu, India that revealed a multi-million $ opportunity for applications in process excellence benefits.  He also presented a paper on ôOutsourcing Trends for Indian Companiesö at the National Institute of Personnel Management at the Neyveli chapter and has been invited for future engagements in India on similar forums.  Dr. Shreeĺs recent Operational Excellence workshop at IIT Madras was a success with the senior MBA students in class of 2006.  In January 2006 he offered a workshop on Introducing Six Sigma to the BPO an SW industry in Chennai, India as part of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce with the Chennai chapter.

Dr. Shree possesses linguistic skills in Dutch, Spanish, and two official Indian Languages.  His latest product addition in the area of applied business excellence is a mechanical training hardware that he designed for classroom instruction and patented and in commercial application since April 2005.

One of Dr. Shreeĺs ongoing efforts currently is redesigning the internal operations of an IT organization in Asia starting from its sales-marketing to customer-relationship management.  The tools of process excellence are being used and applied effectively to increase the sales as well as manage the expansion of this operation.


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Vice President of Business Development

Monica Emdadian, a professional marketing specialist has over twenty years of product marketing and project management with high-tech corporations. Her focus has been on domestic and international training in the areas of product, sales and field service management. Monica has extensive experience in developing and presenting customized product training to various clients. Her advance education in organizational leadership and management equips her with effectively assisting our clients.

Her responsibility is to advance our domestic and international business expansion. She works directly with our customers and development team as the liaison in order to oversee the product customization,

In addition of being part of the developmental team, Monica is in charge of:

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Vice President of International Operations

Dr. Magdy Hussein

Dr. Magdy Hussein has more than 30 years experience in diversified business activities. His area of expertise has focused on business growth throughout organization development. Dr. Hussein is taking part of developing and conducting training in the Multicultural Management area as the VP of International Operations of Global Success in San Jose, CA. As a firm believer in the blend of academia and industrial applications; Dr. Hussein's researches and publications focused on the effectiveness of Corporate Governing and Sustainability.

Magdy joined Global Success to become the launch pad from which he could share his vision and extensive experience in the International Management. "I have reached a point where I need to actively contribute to a wider range of organizations and institutions in the training area. I am able to share my bi-cultural expertise with a much larger audience".

As Vice President of International Operations, Magdyĺs role is to:

Dr. Magdy has a MBA in Global Management and PhD (ABD) in Organizational Management.

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Vice President of Operations

Sam Williams is a Human Resources professional with over 20 years experience working for high tech firms in Silicon Valley.  His diverse experience has allowed him to view corporations at all levels and understand the commitment it takes to succeed at a global level.  His background includes management and consulting for Visa Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Intel, Seagate and Control Data Corporation.  

As Vice President of Operations, Sam has the responsibility of overseeing domestic and global introduction of new technologies related to training and development programs.   

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